• Johan Guse

    Johan Guse

    Front-end / Marketing / DJ and Producer from Brasil

  • Hyunwoo Sung

    Hyunwoo Sung

    A lazy but hardworking .Net developer

  • Gerlandio Lucena

    Gerlandio Lucena

    Desenvolvedor apaixonado pela profissão, aprendendo diariamente à estar pronto para dar o próximo passo.

  • han xiao

    han xiao

  • Prettydt


  • Jimmy Liu

    Jimmy Liu

    App Developer who enjoy learning from the ground up.

  • Alexander Storozhevsky

    Alexander Storozhevsky

  • Harun Büyükçolak

    Harun Büyükçolak

    Experienced information technology professional, web developer and business analyst with a demonstrated history of working in the airlines/aviation industry

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